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Sage Spa Massage for
PMS/Menstrual Cramps

Sports Massage at Sage Spa to relieve sore tight muscles

"Abdominal Massage, even 5 minutes a days starting about 4 days before your period has been proven to relieve cramps."

Ladies, we are all female here at Sage and, believe me when I tell you, we feel your pain. Cramps, backache, tension headache and just plain get-out-of-my-way crabbiness.

Drawing on the latest research in Chinese medicine, massage, aromatherapy and heat applications, the Sage therapists have been helping each other with our monthly woes. After extensive experimentation, the session that offered us the most relief, and that we'd like to share with you, is a combination of:

• shiatsu points proven by research to be
effective for menstrual cramps

• applications of moist heat heating pad

•applications of hot stones to belly and low back

• a special anti-cramping aromatherapy
blend for the belly

•swedish and deep tissue massage
for back and neck

This session is best received from 4 days before to the first day of your period. The results seem to be cumulative so get the session as often as you can. We look forward to offering you sweet relief. Ahhhhh.

30 Min 74
60 Min. 115
75 Min. 140
90 Min. 165

We respectfully ask that you give the Spa a minimum of 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show appointment.